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Coalette’s Connection for Action (CCA) was created to build a stronger animal welfare activist network and provide information about a few of the many animal welfare issues that need your voice. CCA is the connection for those who care about all living beings and would like to make a significant difference by speaking out against their suffering.

Make a Difference Today! A few minutes of your time can help in the life of another living being who is being exploited and who is suffering.

Every fax, letter, phone call or e-mail does help! Do it TODAY!!! All information has been taken from various animal welfare organizations and the sources are noted.

This site is dedicated in the memory of our canine companions Coalette and Bandit who gave us unconditional love, loyalty and friendship for 14+ years. Although they are gone in body, their presence is still strong. Their love will always be in our hearts and someday we will be together again.

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