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OPENING DOORS: Carole Noon and Her Dream to Save the Chimps

The inspiring true story of how one woman’s vision and determination created the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary

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Animal Lovers Book

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Cull of the Wild Book
Cull of the Wild Book 1 to 4 copies
Part #Cull-001


Have you ever wondered how many animals are trapped by commercial fur trappers in your state? Or what species of animal are trapped? Or which types of traps and trapping practices are legal and which are prohibited? Now all of this information — and much more — is available in one convenient book geared toward the needs and concerns of animal advocates and others interested in learning about trapping and making a difference.

Coyotes in Our Midst

Coyotes in Our Midst
Part #Coyotes-001


Far too often the traditional response to conflicts between humans and coyotes has been indiscriminate lethal control. Coyotes in Our Midst: Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore provides readers with information on the wide array of practical and proven techniques available to ranchers and suburbanites for coexisting with coyotes.

Minding Animals: Awareness, Emotions, and Heart
by Marc Bekoff, Jane Goodall
ISBN: 0195150775; (April 2002)

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry

Gail Eisnitz has been inside America's slaughterhouses and in this book she tells what she found: intolerable conditions, lax standards, and the deliberate beating, strangling, and boiling of live animals. 309 pages, hardback

Author: Gail A. Eisnitz,
$30.00 ISBN: 157392166

Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat
by Howard F. Lyman

Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0684854465
Available from

Coyotes: Biology, Behavior and Management
by Marc Bekoff (Editor)
ISBN: 1930665423; (December 15, 2001)
In My Family Tree: A Life With Chimpanzees
Sheila Siddle, Doug Cress, Jane Goodall
ISBN: 0802117139; (April 2002)Order from Amazon:
Source: Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphange:
Drawing the Line - Science and the Case for Animal Rights
Steven M. Wise
ISBN: 0738203408
Order from Amazon:
To read an excerpt of the book, click here

The Smile of a Dolphin: Remarkable Accounts of Animal Emotions
by Marc Bekoff (Editor), Stephen Jay Gould (Foreword)
ISBN: 156331925X; (October 10, 2000)

Animal Grace : Entering a Spiritual Relationship With Our Fellow Creatures
Author: Mary Lou Randour, Susan Chernak McElroy
ISBN: 1577311043
Jane Goodall, 40 Years at Gombe: A Tribute to Four Decades of Wildlife Research, Education, and Conservation Jennifer Lindsey
ISBN: 1556709471

Next of Kin: What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are
Author: Roger Fouts.
ISBN: 068814862X

Order from: Center For Captive Chimpanzee Care

If you care about other living, feeling beings and if you are going to only read ONE book this year, read "Next of Kin". A heart warming love story. After reading this book, you will see that animal experimentation is horrid and such a waste. Hopefully you will be encouraged to speak out on their behalf. If interested see this web site:
Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute

Dog Music: Poetry about Dogs
Edited by: Joseph Duener and Jim Simmerman
ISBN: 0-312-15113-6

"Spectacular….. A vital, living book of poems, many of most unbearable beauty…"
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of " The Hidden Life of Dogs".

Kinship with the Animals
Edited by: Michael Tobias & Kate Solisti-Mattelon
ISBN: 1-885223-88-9

The Great Ape Project: "Equality beyond Humanity"
Edited by: Paola Cavalieri and Peter Singer
ISBN: 0-312-11818-X

Order from:
The Souls of Animals
Author: Gary Kowalski
ISBN: 1-883478-21-9

Order from:

The Compassion of Animals
Author: Kristin Von Kreisler
Forward by: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of "Dogs Never Lie about Love"
ISBN: 0-7615-1808-8

Order from:

At the Hand of Man (Peril and Hope for Africa's Wildlife)
Author: Raymond Bonner
ISBN: 0-679-73342-6

The Modern Ark: The story of zoos: past, present & future
Author: Vicki Croke
ISBN: 0-380-73131-2
In your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist
Author: Chris DeRose Edited by: Steve Tiger
ISBN: 0965321908

(Chris DeRose is the creator of Last Chance for Animals)

The Animal World of Albert Schweitzer
ISBN: 0-8801-470-9

Animal Underworld: Inside America's Black Market for Rare and Exotic Species
Author: Alan Green
ISBN: 1891620282

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Mind of the Raven
Author: Bernd Heinrich
ISBN: 0060930632

Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest
Author: Sy Montgomery
ISBN: 068484558X

How are we to Live? (Ethics in an age of Self Interest)
Author: Peter Singer
ISBN: 0-87975-966-6

The Monkey Wars
Author: Deborah Blum
ISBN: 0-19-509412-3

Deborah Blum won the Pulitzer Prize in 1992 for the series of articles that inspired this book.

Stolen for Profit: The true story behind the disappearance of millions of America's beloved pets
Author: Judith Reitman
ISBN: 082174951X

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Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals
Author: Steven M. Wise, Jane Goodall
ISBN: 0738200654

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Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey
Author: Jane Goodall with Philip Berman
ISBN: 0-446-52225-2

Order from: The Book Depository

Housecat: How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Sane and Sound
Author: Christine Church
ISBN: 0876051425

Shelter Cats
Author: Karen Cummings
ISBN: 0876056761

Traveler's Tales: A Dog's World
Edited by: Christine Hunsicker
ISBN: 1-885211-23-6

Guide to Compassionate Shopping
Free from: AAVS
Africa in My Blood: An Autobiography in Letters
Author: Jane Goodall, Dale Peterson (Editor)
Hardcover, 384 pages
Houghton Mifflin Co (Trd), 2000
ISBN: 0395854040
Order from:
Disposable Animals: Ending the Tragedy of Throwaway Pets
Author: Craig Brestrup
ISBN: 0965728595
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